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#6 – Mike Liebowitz

Listen to the podcast here if you don’t use Spotify. Mike is the owner of Magnetic Mind Studio, a communication and behavioral neurology strategy company. Find him here:


Why Social Media Marketing Is Important In 2022

In 2022, social media will still be an important aspect of marketing for businesses. Here are a few reasons why: 1. social media is a great way to connect with customers In today’s connected world, social media is a great way to connect with customers and build relationships. Facebook, Twitter,[...]


#5 – Jeff Harris

Listen to the podcast here if you don’t use Spotify. “Jeff founded JMJB Merchant Solutions to help business owners find the best technologies and options to help businesses get paid. He provides transparent payment solutions through relationships with 9 credit card processors and a variety of gateways to connect you[...]


#4 – Benny Pekala

Listen to the podcast here if you don’t use Spotify. “Born & raised in Minneapolis, self-discovered in Madison, spent the pandemic romping around in Austin, currently building a new home in Miami” Benny is the web3 man, building custom software and website based mobile apps. Find him here:


#2 – The Science of Clothing… Amanda Wood

Listen to the podcast here if you don’t use Spotify. Amanda Wood is a Personal Stylist with over 15 years of experience, training from New York Institute of Art and Design, and is on a mission to empower her clients to realize their goals, confidence and happiness through discovering their[...]


Designing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing has become digital in the modern world. Instead of opting for traditional marketing channels, companies are becoming more geared towards choosing digital platforms for marketing in order to reach a wider customer base. In order to build a successful digital marketing strategy for your company, here are a few[...]


The Best Books For Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is evolving continuously. That is why it can be challenging to stay ahead of your competition. The best way to keep up with the change is by reading books. Many digital marketing books can help you take your game to the next level. However, we understand it can[...]


Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

#DigitalMarketingMonday #DigitalMarketingDave Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2021 Digital marketing has made its mark in a short period. In the online world, it is the only way to promote your service. The concept has gained so much attention that it can be hard to keep up with the competition. One[...]


Digital Marketing Monday #1

#DigitalMarketingMonday Take a look at a video I shared to Facebook: My favorite day of the week and….. some client’s numbers are down. Why you may ask? I’m horrible at my job, obviously. Fortunately, my job’s a lot like the stock market, and the numbers will go up, but what[...]


Digital Marketing Bootcamp Video

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting to the The Greater BucksMont Chamber of Commerce (GBMCC) regarding a, “digital marketing boot camp” summarizing a bit of everything and basic knowledge into how to digitally market for your business for free. Take a look at the video and listen along.[...]


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